About us

Sonic Eruption Studio is here to help your creative ideas shine. Our main goal is to make your work stand out by offering professional audio post-production services.

We believe in your work and take pride in helping it grow. With our experienced and skilled engineers, you’ll get more than just technical help. We bring fresh ears to your project and give invaluable third-party perspectives.

Choosing professionals instead of doing it yourself has many benefits. We have the tools to fix problems and make the best of them. Our experience allows us to make informed decisions to improve the overall quality of your audio.

Every project we work on is notable, and we treat each client with care and respect. We believe in building long-term relationships rather than just having customers. No matter what kind of audio work you need – editing, experimental noise, heavy metal, gospel, classical, contemporary, hip-hop, pop, audio restoration and repair or something else – we’re ready to handle and make it sound great.